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Susan Arias Klenk

Pepperdine University


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Arias Klenk
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Pepperdine University
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I am currently in my fifth year in the Doctorate of Psychology program at Pepperdine, and I have completed four years of doctoral practicum training. My experience focuses on working for non-profit organizations serving marginalized populations.
My focus throughout my graduate studies and clinical training has focused on Latinx communities and Latinx families.
I’m a first-generation Ecuadorian American, mother of two teenagers; and married 15 years. My family has sacrificed their love and time over the past years, so that I can devote time and energy necessary to my academic and career accomplishments. I am guided by my faith and spiritual beliefs, a sense of compassion, cultural humility and social justice. I am oriented by Humanistic, Liberation and Community psychologies and incorporate cognitive behavioral techniques such as modeling, exploration of thoughts, and role playing, as well as mindfulness practices as tools for self care and emotional tolerance.

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